How to Think Big and Do More with Samsung Notes and the Galaxy Note7



With the Galaxy Note7, users can easily create and manage notes, memos and drawings in one place—Samsung Notes. This new application consolidates Samsung’s various note-taking apps, making doodling and note-taking more convenient than ever before. The drawing experience has also been overhauled, enabling users to fully unleash their creativity with new drawing tools, and more easily share their digital artworks with the world.





A New Way to Note

Because the S Pen has a wide range of capabilities, note-taking functions of previous Note models were divided into several apps such as Action Memo, S Note, Scrapbook and Memo.





With the Galaxy Note7, Samsung simplified and integrated the functions of these apps into a single, all-in-one S Pen application called Samsung Notes. With it, users can now create, edit and manage all S Pen creations and text notes easily from one convenient location.


With handwriting recognition, Samsung Notes lets users create memos seamlessly by using the keyboard or by simply writing out their notes with the S Pen. Samsung Notes also has a search feature which is compatible with handwritten notes, so users can quickly find what they’re looking for.




Another useful addition is Samsung Notes’ optimized text input options. With new support for check boxes, numbering and font colors, organizing to-do and shopping lists is a breeze.


Users can also import existing content from S Note and Memo by using their Samsung account or Smart Switch to continue using it on the new Samsung Notes app.





Enhanced Drawing Tools for the Digital Artist

In addition to text, the Galaxy Note7 boasts seven types of specialized drawing tools that empower users to bring their creative ideas to life.


The oil paintbrush allows users to mix multiple colors and create different textures, and the watercolor paintbrush enables color layering. Additionally, with the calligraphy brush, users can change the thickness of their strokes by applying different pressure levels.



The user interface of Samsung Notes also makes it easier to quickly switch between different drawing tools, creating a more fluid drawing experience. Completed digital artworks can be easily uploaded to the PEN.UP website via a new app shortcut at the bottom corner of the drawing.





Easy Access, Efficient Management

With Samsung Notes, users can also integrate multiple kinds of contents into a single note creation via the app’s expanded, scroll-through canvas. For example, users can merge a drawing, image and voice recording into one document.


Whether an edited image, a drawing, or a handwritten note, Samsung Notes can automatically detect the type of content, and adjust its size accordingly on the grid-style interface of the home screen. This makes the content easier to visualize upon opening the app, and easier to access and share once it is completed.


Users can also browse their content via the categories tab, which enables them to classify their content for more efficient management.


The new Samsung Notes application is currently accessible on the Galaxy Note7, and will be available for download on other Note devices in the near future.

Source: Samsung Mobile Blog

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Meet Surface Fan Morgan Sorne: Visual Artist, Composer and Performer

Morgan Sorne is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning prolific visual artist, musician, actor and filmmaker, boasting an unparalleled vocal range with perfect pitch. He brings listeners to tears with his intense, emotive, hypnotic angelic falsetto and has churned crowds into a writhing frenzy with his bone-rattling dynamism and range. In his own words, “it’s as if Jean-Michel Basquiat, Daniel-Day Lewis, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley and Bjork got together and had a baby.”

SORNE performing at The Shakespearean Theater in Gdansk, Poland on tour with CocoRosie for their Spring 2016 Heartache City Europe tour.

SORNE performing at The Shakespearean Theater in Gdansk, Poland on tour with CocoRosie for their Spring 2016 Heartache City Europe tour

The Surface Pro 4 is Morgan’s proud go-to to produce music and visual art with software such as Ableton Live and Adobe Photoshop.

The Surface Pro 4 is Morgan’s proud go-to to produce music and visual art with software such as Ableton Live and Adobe Photoshop. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know Morgan this past year after inviting him to participate in a music and technology panel at Microsoft Store Westfield Century Center in LA, where he spoke to a group of public attendees about his passion and love of all thing music and art. It was in person that I got to see firsthand his skilled drawings and sketches that are as unique, expressive and thought-provoking as his sound, performance and work in other media.

Let’s hear more from Morgan on his passion and artistry:

Your work is such a unique blend of visual installation, musical composition and performance. What was your inspiration for SORNE and pursuing so many different forms of media and expression?

As a kid I was inspired by the immersive worlds created in films like Star Wars. I also grew up on stage, performing in musicals, plays, musical acts and choirs. I found that I was drawn to creating environments, having also discovered an ability to visually render characters and ideas, it felt very natural to move between mediums. Each process fed the other. Rather than fight that process, I have embraced it as my means of creating a signature point of expression.

What’s a project you’ve done that you’re proudest of?

I am nearing the end of a fifteen-year cycle of work, a multi-media opera spanning six volumes of music called, House of Stone. I brought this world to live through installations in museums and galleries, a live show featuring a dance troupe formed around the project and a series of short films which speak to the overarching themes of House of Stone. The vision for years has been to create a graphic novel of House of Stone as a companion and ultimately, a film or TV series, accompanied by a touring theatre production.

What do you like about creating on Surface? Do you use pen, touch, or a combination?

I love the portability of the Surface and use the pen to illustrate. The precision is fantastic. I also use the pen in creating animations of my drawings.

What experiences have stood out to you?

I recently created a series of animated drawings using the Surface for a TED Talk at Oxford for the Lauren’s Kids Foundation. The TED talk dealt with Lauren Book’s five years of child abuse when she was an adolescent by her nanny. As an adult she founded the Lauren’s Kids Foundation to help children identify sexual predators and unsafe situations at home and in public. Lauren’s team sent me the script for her talk and I picked certain images that came to mind along with pulling from Lauren’s ideas and imagesI’ve developed a series of animated characters for interactive packets given to students grades pre-k-8th grade throughout public schools in Florida and won a few ADDY awards for the kits our team made for Lauren. The beautiful thing is that the materials are working and kids are coming forward and identifying unsafe situations that they find themselves in. Also I recently toured Europe with CocoRosie and used the Surface Pro 4 to run my live sets and loops in some of the most beautiful venues. To be able to hop on a plane with a full live show on a device that is the size of a tablet has been a dream come true.

What do you love most about using Surface in work or life?

I love the portability of the Surface and use the pen to illustrate. The tablet feel is so important to me and I love the ability to draw right in Photoshop and Illustrator.  The precision is fantastic. I also use the pen in creating animations of my drawings. A big desire of mine for a long time has been to have a device that is the size of a tablet but with the capabilities of a laptop. Portability is essential as I travel around the world and need tools that can handle the programs necessary for executing my work.  As a traveling musician and artist I need tools that are as seamless in the visual presentation on stage as they are powerful in running the programs needed to pull off amazing live experiences. To be able to use programs like Ableton Live and the entire Adobe Creative Suite has totally enhanced the game and made it possible for me to reach larger audiences worldwide. 

What’s something recent you’re working on with Surface now that you’re really excited about?

Right now I am working on a graphic novel project with Saul Williams in which I am drawing and coloring the entire book using the Surface. I can’t talk too much about it yet, but it is going to be an incredible project and the Surface will be a central component in the production of the book and visuals for Williams’ live show.

SORNE just released the fourth volume for his epic avant garde one-man opera, House of Stone‘ You can find the latest volume, ‘House of Stone: Death IV’ here.

Check out more of Morgan’s music at and visual art at You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Source: Microsoft Devices Surface Blog

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Help with Office 365 advanced security capabilities and EMS integration at Ignite 2016

Help with Office 365 advanced security capabilities 1

Do you have Office 365 E5 and/or Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite and need help to fully implement your plans? Are you going to Ignite 2016? Nominate your organization for a customer solution session!

The Office 365 content team—together with subject-matter experts—is hosting individual customer solution sessions at Ignite in Atlanta, September 26-30. These sessions are designed to help IT teams plan and implement advanced capabilities with Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite.

Each session is 60 minutes. If you are selected, you will meet with one or more product experts (Microsoft product team members, consultants or MVPs) and one or more Office 365 content team members to discuss your goals, get advice on current challenges and envision how to enhance your solution using Office 365 and EMS.

This year, we’re offering sessions in two main focus areas: enterprise security and mobility.

Enterprise security

Do you plan to implement or are you currently blocked in implementing any of the following Office 365 E5 security features?

  • Advanced eDiscovery
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Advanced Security Management

Tell us about your organization and what kind of help you would like to receive during a solution session with the product team.

Enterprise mobility

Are you using or do you plan to use EMS together with Office 365 to secure data, devices and accounts? Do you need help? Tell us about your organization and what kind of help you would like to receive during a solution session with the product team.

To be eligible to participate, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered to attend Ignite 2016 (this event is sold out).
  • Be licensed for the capabilities.
  • Plan to implement these capabilities or are blocked in implementing your full plan.

To nominate your company or organization for a design session, send an email to by September 7, 2016, and include the following information:

  • Name of your company or organization.
  • Contact information (name and title or role in your organization).
  • The focus area(s) you are interested in and any specific questions you have.
  • Brief description of your solution goals and the challenges you’d like to discuss in the session.

All information shared with the product experts and Office 365 content team—either in email or during a solution session—will be kept confidential.

Due to a limited number of available sessions for each focus area, not every customer will be accepted. We will review nominations and select those that best fit the focus area, and that look like they will lead to a meaningful discussion for both the organization and Microsoft.

If you are selected, a member of the Office 365 content team will contact you with the day and time of your session by September 16, 2016.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

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Source: Office Blog

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