Frenetic 2D RTS Cannon Brawl hits PS4 on 3rd August

Hey everyone! Jorge Cabezas here, one of BlitWorks‘ founders. You probably enjoyed some of the games we ported to PlayStation before: FEZ, Don’t Starve, Spelunky or Super Meat Boy, among others.

We want to keep the fun coming, so I have a cool announcement to make today: we’re bringing Cannon Brawl to PS4 on 3rd August! Just in time to refresh your summer!

Cannon Brawl

If you don’t know Cannon Brawl yet, this is what you need to know: it’s fun, it’s addictive and it’s frenetic. Did I mention how fun it is?

The game is all about defending your castle and attacking your opponent’s one. You have a wide array of weapons to choose from and you place them on the territory while piloting an airship. All this happens in real-time, so the battle is intense, and every match evolves in a surprisingly different way.

There’s a campaign mode where you can learn the basic rules, but where the game really shines is when playing against your friends, either online or – perhaps even better – in the comfort and warm atmosphere of your couch.

Cannon BrawlCannon Brawl
Cannon Brawl
Cannon Brawl

Some key details:

  • Single player: You can play across five unique worlds unlocking five different characters and more than 15 weapons in the Campaign mode
  • Local and online multiplayer: Use all the weapons you gathered in amazing 1v1 battles
  • Destroyable terrain: With lasers, giant flamethrowers and huge cannons you’ll get to destroy the earth under your enemy’s feet!
  • Totally new genre: Original blend of 2D Artillery and RTS
Cannon BrawlCannon Brawl
Cannon Brawl
Cannon Brawl

All this wrapped up in a beautiful fantasy world with the outstanding, though unexpected, music created by Disasterpeace.

But this is not all. When Turtle Sandbox trusted their baby to us, we not only made sure the game ran butter-smooth, we also upgraded the graphics to be full HD!

That’s all for now! See you on 3rd August. If you’ve got any questions or just want to say hi, you can find us on Twitter at @BlitWorks. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Cannon BrawlCannon Brawl
Cannon Brawl
Cannon Brawl

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Summon Night 6: Lost Borders coming to PS4, PS Vita

As a gamer, it always bothered me that English-speaking gamers were denied the goodness of Summon Night. But making the connections required for an English license to happen is not a simple undertaking. But back in 2014, our madness paid off — the planets aligned, years of work paid off, and our karma glowed bright enough that we were able to license Summon Night 5 so we could finally release the first mainline Summon Night game in the United States.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

It turned out Summon Night 5 was only the warm-up — Summon Night 6: Lost Borders would be the main attraction, and would be our very first multi-platform release on PS4 and PS Vita.

Even 9 months before the Japanese release, it was clear that this was a beautiful, fun strategy RPG — and a Summon Night game, through and through. And it was extra special because the game celebrated the 15th anniversary of Summon Night; it would bring together many key characters from the whole series for one grand, trope-free romp.

Okay, I lied about the “trope-free” part. There are as many JRPG tropes as you would expect in Summon Night 6: Lost Borders — maybe more. But they’re as fun and funny as you would hope. The game centers on three main characters living in isolation. Their solitary routines are upended when people literally begin falling from the sky into their world. At first, they struggle to learn who the visitors are and why they dropped in, but as they unravel the mystery they learn the power of friendship, eventually using that power to help them overcome a dark secret that cuts to the heart of their reality.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

The gameplay is classic Summon Night, but turbocharged and streamlined. The usual strategy grid is displayed when you move, but the characters are free to run anywhere within their movement range without being limited to the squares. The Summon magic is represented here, as expected, as are assists, but there’s a new huge Summon Burst type of attack that unleashes crazy devastation on enemies.

Terrain is expressed in 3D beautifully, as are the characters. And the ever-popular night conversations are available with more characters than ever to help develop strong ties with allies at the end of every chapter. Summon Night 6 also supports cross save, allowing the game to be played on both PS4 and PS Vita. And players will need that edge because the game is a replay beast, with more than a dozen endings to see.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

Whichever version you choose to play, whether PS4 or PS Vita, if you’re a JRPG fan you’re in for a rare treat that opens the door to a fantastic universe.

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Here’s Why So Many Adults Are Into Coloring Books


Take a look at the magazine aisle of your local grocery store, or the newsstand at the airport. Wedged between a copy of Vogue and a few crossword puzzles, you’ll likely find one of the trendiest adult “toys” on the market—and it’s not a gadget. It’s a good, old-fashioned coloring book.

There’s something alluring about coloring books among the adult set. They’re shockingly soothing, says Karla Ivankovich, PhD, an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, Springfield. “Millennials have been dubbed the most stressed-out generation of our time,” she explains. “Coloring allows one to enter into a restorative process, where a mindless activity can remove the insurmountable tasks of the day.”

In case you’re now noticing coloring books everywhere, there’s an interesting psychological reason adults are rediscovering a classic activity.

A State of Mindless Mindfulness

Coloring books harken back to the simpler days of childhood, where we grabbed our colored pencils during quiet playtime. “As an adult, coloring has become an activity where the mindless can become mindful,” Ivankovich explains. “You get to fall into a state of mindfulness. You choose to color in the lines. You think through your color choices. You are creating a work of art—all the while, and often without knowing it, learning a new coping mechanism for self-soothing, meditation and relaxation.”

Better yet, because coloring has always held an individual flair—go ahead, color outside the lines! turn the horse into a unicorn! give the prince pink hair!—your crayons can do no wrong on their decision-making. “In essence, the coloring book trend gives adults full creative license to be children again, getting lost in the moment,” Ivankovich says, “which is a thing of beauty.”

There are tons of coloring books available for adults if you want to jump on the bandwagon for less than $10 a pop, whether you’re into secret gardens, butterflies or assorted designs.

What Are Similar Ways to De-Stress?

You should always have a slew of ways to unwind in your back pocket for extra-hectic days, says Ivankovich. “Like coloring books, you can choose anything that takes you back to a time when the last thing you had to do was worry,” she says. “This generation has been asked to be perfect at everything they do.”

If you’re not crazy for coloring, you might try listening to songs you liked as a child, taking a walk in nature, doing a puzzle, or breaking out some Legos. Beyond that, Ivankovich suggests this recipe for a stress-busting smoothie:

  • 2 teaspoons of fun — Do something that makes you laugh everyday.
  • 1 tablespoon of mindfulness — Take time to just “be.” Alone, listening to music, coloring, relaxing.
  • 1 heaping cup of sleep  Don’t skimp, and you’ll feel better. Get a full seven to eight hours each night.
  • 1 splash of digital fasting  Take some time everyday to leave your smartphone behind and turn your TV off. Start with an hour where you disconnect.
  • 1 pinch of movement  Participate in “feel good” exercise. Walk, run, participate in group programs, play intramural sports. Whatever makes you happy and get you moving.
  • 1 gallon of realism  Establish your limits and get to know your boundaries. Determine the sources of your stress—specific family members, work obligations, travel, etc.—and work to minimize their effects. It might mean skipping an event, sleeping an extra couple hours on the weekend or, yes, breaking out a coloring book.

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